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Jan 9, 2010 8:00am EST
the same amount of money in the medicare and medicaid programs. but where they really differ is the revenue sources. in the senate bill, two sources. one is big fees on health plans in the drug industry, about $264 billion there. and secondly, a 40% tax on health care plans that are cadillac plans. for a single plan, $8500 a year. for a family plan, $23,000 a year. something favored by the white house, something very strongly opposed by the unions. the house side goes a completely different direction. they would impose a 5.4% tax on individuals who are in over $500,000 and for families who earn over a million. they're going to have to reconcile those very big differences. >> very big differences. they get started off, i think the house comes back nek week and the senate after that. it's time to get it on. we are going to be seeing your face plenty. get used to sigh that face, folks. we certainly appreciate it. s a always, again, happy new year to you. betty, did you get all that? >> yes, i'm taking it in. i took notes. we're good. >>> there is a new due date, in fact, for the health care re
Jan 23, 2010 6:00am EST
medicare cuts and tax hikes. there's a sweet heart deal that needs to be cut, democrats will cut it. and if there's a vote that needs to be bought, they'll buy it. haven't we had enough of government propped up on payouts and pork barrel spending? haven't we had enough of the same old us versus them politics that uses yesterday's battles to distract us from today's problems? we're all in this together. and we need positive forward-looking solutions to bring us together. >> congressman boehner says democrats aren't heeding the message from the massachusetts senate election. he says they should stop scrambling on health care. >>> issue number one is the economy. and the report from the u.s. labor department shows that the december jobless rates rose in 43 states and the district of columbia reversing that downward trend that we've been seeing since november. hard hit regions included the west, midwest, and southeastern u.s. >> and also 16 states reported double digit unemployment numbers including ohio where president obama held a town hall meeting yesterday on -- what else? the econo
Jan 23, 2010 8:00am EST
takeover of health care with its medicare cuts and tax hikes. if there's a sweetheart deal that needs to be cut, democrats will cut it. now, if there's a vote that needs to be bought, they'll buy it. >> boehner went on to add republicans will continue to challenge the status quo and offer better solutions. >>> film director roman polanski's request to be sentenced in absentia has been denied. the judge ruled yesterday that polanski must return to the u.s. to find out if he'll go to prison. polanski pleaded guilty in 1977 to having sex with a 13-year-old, but left the country before he was sentenced. he is currently under house arrest in switzerland where he was arrested in september on a fugitive warrant. >>> just about 60 miles away from the earthquake destruction in port-au-prince, tourists are enjoying the beaches of haiti. can you imagine that scene? those two different scenes. people enjoying the beach versus people literally fighting for a place to live and survive in port-au-prince. royal caribbean has come under some fire for continuing its cruise line tours to that area. howe
Jan 2, 2010 8:00am EST
suffered 15 years from artsds right in her knees until she got medicare, treatment was too expensive. >> i'm proud as a peacock. >> reporter: but sometimes wealth isn't found if a wallet. >> i can really walk without it. >> let's see. don't be falling down now. >> reporter: it thrives in spirit. >> this is great. >> reporter: it's always been payment enough for dr. nickels. >> you're a good woman. >> reporter: despite the title david nickel is is no longer a doctor on the island, he's a father, an advocate. on a shrinking island in the chesapeake bay, in a dwindling ton at its center. >> inez, come here. >> reporter: dr. david nickels made it his mission to build something that would last. >> it's been a long time. a long time coming. >> reporter: the concrete foundation for the new clinic is a result of years of fundraising. >> well worth it. >> reporter: an insurance policy for people who have no insurance. >> he's just always been there. he's always been there for the people when they needed him the most. >> reporter: with a heart as big as the chesapeake bay is blue. >> i think i've go
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4